He’s In So Much Trouble


To be captioned by Picture Desk

Aidan Lynch

Where have you BEEN?


You’ve had us all worried.

A 20-year-old Irish college student feared missing in Poland since Wednesday has been located…..UCC student Aidan Lynch from Rochestown in Co Cork was found in the last hour….UCC mounted a social media campaign to help find Aidan and they have confirmed this morning that he has been located…

*tutting sound*

Cork Man Found Safe And Well In Poland (Breakingnews)

13 thoughts on “He’s In So Much Trouble

    1. fFs

      +1 (prayer to St. Anthony)
      I cringe every time I hear one of these stories and assume it’s an Irish mammy situation. She’ll be needing a livestream if she’s anything like mine

  1. postmanpat

    Only 48 hours. Jesus! How embarrassing . But sure didn’t the “concerned ” parties already know that! Social media bullying gets more sophisticated by the day! Now this poor sap has to explain his whereabouts and have the stigma of whoring for braziers and/or suicide following him around till the next funny cat video of next culchie collage student discovered hanged in a shed in the sticks!

    1. Mikeyfex

      Jaysus, Pat. Took a dark turn there.

      Is it because the culchie was getting too hard a time for taking a course in collages?

          1. TheBeef


            You’d swear that Dublin was a metropolis. The amount of Dubliners I speak to who have never been outside of Dublin is shocking. No wonder they find it hard to grasp the concept of Ireland having other cities besides Dublin. Their loss I suppose.

    2. Temple Bar Denizen

      Whoring for braziers eh? Sounds like he’s looking at the over-priced ones if he needs the cash that badly.

  2. CousinJack

    In the age of soical media, if you are not contactable for a couple of hours you’re missing. Jaysus, not quick ride for anyone anymore

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