7 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Karen

    That Sun cover pisses me off, if the couple had been a man and a woman they would never have been called “Lovers”. It’s like they’re delegitimising their relationship calling them lovers, implying it’s a less serious relationship or something based solely on sex and it’s always the phrase used when it’s about a couple who happen to be gay. Or maybe I’m being a pedantic asshole.

    1. Pablo

      I agree the phrase ‘lovers’ is crass in the circumstances but I think they would have done the same for a hetro couple. They probably have a list of banned words for headlines; couple = lovers, incident = crisis etc.

    2. Sidewinder

      They say couple in the subhead. I actually was pleasantly surprised by how the whole thing was worded.

  2. Soft like

    The fecking Irish times have some neck publishing a Christmas ad and it’s only September fecking greedy feckers.

  3. Just a thought

    Anyone on the Isle of Man looking at the cover of the Belfast Telegraph will be going ‘was it for this’.

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