Where The Streets Have Partially Obscured Names


Lord Wilmore writes:

I’ve been looking for accommodation in Dublin for the past few weeks and noticed the signage is awful. this is just a small sample. Who the flip do I write a letter to? Also I still need a room. Any offers?

12 thoughts on “Where The Streets Have Partially Obscured Names

  1. wearnicehats

    I tried to get our street signs repainted for about 2 years as there’s one fixed to my gaff. I couldn’t even get them to tell me the paint spec so I could do it myself. So I took the sign off the wall (it’s a small street – I don’t think it caused too much bewilderment), took it to Woodies, matched the colour and repainted it. Job’s a good’un

  2. YourNan

    you will need to talk to a union rep to see if the guys need a training course in Krakow with their wives to learn how to repaint street furniture. It might take some time.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I was trying to find an address of a particular lane in Dublin 2 last Friday and came across signs in states such as these. There has to be a department responsible for signage, surely…OPW, DoE?

  4. The Old Boy

    For a long period, the old Corpo used signs with stick-on letters as a cost-saving exercise. Many of these are only readable now by the less-faded blue paint where the white letters used to be. They seem to have switched back to the cast metal ones now. The most legible signs in the city are the old green enamel ones, but they pre-date postcodes which is a navigational hindrance for some.

  5. pissedasanewt

    Everybody knows you don’t use street names in Dublin, “Head toward O’Neills, turn left up toward the International and take a left, keep going till you get to McDonalds and take another left. You are back where you started”…

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