9 thoughts on “Breathtaking

  1. squidlimerick

    Maldron Hotel in Limerick,. known locally as the Southilton, has a halting site out the front, complete with roaming animals and the occasional bonfire.

    1. Anne

      Out the front? To the front of the Maldron you’d have Roxboro – Tesco etc.
      Do you mean the back?

      I’m curious as to why a local would have the need of a hotel.

  2. Praetorian

    Next time you’re in Galway try the Oranmore lodge,ask for 304…at least you have a window let alone a view.Another class act is the Acadamy Plaza in Dublin…room 134…cupbord with a bed.

  3. John Cassidy

    Far nicer view than I had from my tent in Electric Picnic. And I’d imagine that the toilets were a tad cleaner than the ones in the campsite where the faeces and used toilet roll was piled a foot high over above the rim of the toilet. I’ll never go to Electric Picnic again unless I’m staying in a hotel. Call me a snob if you like, I’d prefer to call myself somewhat civilised.

  4. WOD

    Windows in hotels in Irish towns would be overrated. A nice bit of magnolia wall with a horrendous argos style bit of art can be far easier on the eye than some of our urban landscapes. Stayed in a “hotel” in Arklow once.. No window in the room. Might have been a rooflight. My recollections wouldn’t be in high definition (stag do, paralytic).. but definitely no window.. The dung heap of the Garden of Ireland!

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