He Is Among Us




Loon panted thesp giant Steven Berkoff  [the baddie in Beverly Hills Cop (1984)] at The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin today to launch The Actor’s Lament a three hander [for one week only] co-starring Jay Benedict and Andree Bernard, about the reality of the acting life.

It’s not all soft tan leather moccasins and collarless shirts by any stretch, darling.

The Actor’s Lament (Gaiety)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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5 thoughts on “He Is Among Us

  1. The Old Boy

    As he once remarked in rather cramped green room of a Dublin theatre:

    (Sotto voce) It’s rather… busy in here.

  2. Humans eh!

    For a more cost effective experience, simply visit any pub in Ireland.
    For the price of a pint someone will moan (lament) on how tough thankless and spiritually draining but important to humanity their job is.

    Oooooonly kidding!
    Mr. Berkoff (quiet Mr John Moynes!) Is a fine actor but I always got the feeling that he is possed of a murderous quality that he supresses by playing other humans.

    Even writing this I am a bit scared he may track me down…. he is so intense!

    Lol I’m sure Beverly Hills Cop is how he introduces himself usually.

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    Oh, a “three hander”. Do you always measure plays that way? Thanks god it’s not The Iceman Cometh, you’d be still counting the “hands” tomorrow.

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