24 thoughts on “An Autumn Runner

  1. Corvo

    I had a run in with one of those last week, they’re fast, big enough that you can hear them scurrying and not as afraid of people as you might like. Just a Giant House Spider, they’re harmless, although knowing that doesn’t make them any more cuddly.

  2. V-Bomb

    Recluse spider. Not dangerous. Bites can be treated with simple vaccine – once you get to the hospital within 30 minutes of being bitten.

  3. Dan O'Neill

    Just a house spider. As an arachnaphobe, this is my least favourite time of year, as house spiders scurry around looking to mate. Luckily winter is just around the corner!!

    1. Epson AcuLaser c1100 Toner

      Well he’s not inserting himself into Al’s warm moist gob while he sleeps is he?…….or…..

  4. Spud

    Beware – These spiders are expert extortionists.
    All the photos I’ve seen them in have them with a €1 or €2 coin, which must have been handed over for them to leave the terrified owners property.
    Soon they’ll start demanding more money, and won’t know when to stop.

    1. Temple Bar Denizen

      are all over my gaff at the moment, eating the remnant of wasps that are still hanging around. Impressively sized but harmless, they can ruin your cushions by shiting on them. True story.

  5. the good helen

    had one one in our compost bin, they are not dangerous but they are messy when you squash the crap out of them!!!! stuck to the piece of wood, then to the side of the wall when i tried to scrape it all, then to the ground when i tried further to remove it from the wall, then to the side of the bin when i tried to remove it from the ground… to be honest, a little went a long way with this guy!!

  6. Der

    I saw one of there on the wall in work this morning, thankfully I work in a different building. I’m too afraid to mention it to anyone… cause that makes it real. Just like my Kinder Surprise addiction.

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