The Silent Screams


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Abortion rights campaigners use rape alarms and the “format of the Catholic Rosary” to recall the treatment of women by the Irish State and the Catholic Church outside the London Irish Embassy.


Ann Lovett; the women who received symphysiotomies; Miss X from 1992; the women incarcerated in the Magdalene laundries; the women who gave birth in Mother and Baby Homes and who had their children taken from them, or sold into adoption to raise money for the Catholic church; Miss A, B, C, D; the 12 women a day who travel from Ireland to Britain for abortions; Savita Halappanavar; the women who risk 14 years in jail in Ireland for taking abortion pills; and raped asylum seeker Miss Y, who was denied an abortion and went on hunger strike before being made to have a Caesarean section.

The demonstration was co-organized by Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A., London Irish Feminist Network, My Belly is Mine and Abortion Rights (UK).

Thanks Imelda

7 thoughts on “The Silent Screams

    1. Llareggub

      You mean Ann Lovett? The girl from Longford. And it was a grotto. And are you confusing this with the Kerry babies story?

  1. Clampers Outside!

    The whole performance bit is tedious in fairness, they tried it on for Michael D’s visit and were ignored, thankfully.

    This time I hope they help get the issue the right exposure.

  2. Lisa D

    Looks like the trolls are out to goad Speaking of IMELDA into responding.. …I first saw this video on twitter and I couldn’t help crying.. Such a brave and powerful preformance. That’s what we need more of in this excuse for a country of ours.

  3. Jonny Stafford

    Fantastic what you have done here, IMELDAs. A really powerful performance that highlights the injustice around abortion rights in Ireland. Everyone in Ireland whether they know it or not has a friend, parent or relative who has had an abortion. The silencing around this topic is incredible. This performance highlights this so well and shows that women will be silent no longer… and the harm towards women will no longer be ignored.

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