What Is Addiction?


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Anon writes:

This is quite a brilliant explanation of addiction by Dr Gabor Maté. The video originates from Omega Point, which “is a series of eye-opening, thought-provoking and educational videos and posters. The purpose of the project is raising awareness and making people think about subjects that they don’t usually think about.”

As a recovering addict myself, I found this short video quite brilliant. I need to watch it again :) I’m enjoying successful recovery and I am still learning new ways of understanding addiction, I probably always will…. anyway, I think the second half of the video you’ll find is about so much more than just addiction.

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11 thoughts on “What Is Addiction?

  1. aubrey

    Good video, I’ve been saying this for years, the thing is though, there is an element of society for whom this will never be truth. Ironically, there are those who cannot face (or refuse to take on the responsibility of) the pain of others, as much as there are those who cannot face their own pain. The former medicates with the vilification of the latter. And on it goes …

  2. The Lady Vanishes

    Aubrey, I think part of the reason why many people cannot face the pain of others is because it reminds them of their own pain, which they think they have successfully buried but which comes out in anger, aggression and even repeating the acts which caused pain to them.

  3. Adam

    This is an excellent video, I’m a recovering alcoholic (sober since Jan). The pain of my past trauma, was so subtle, so ever present that I wasn’t aware of it. I didn’t know that’s why I felt so hollow. I had no idea the struggle I pretended was fine at 15 was hitting me like a tone of brinks aged 29. I can remember the pain and distress so vividly, so overwhelmingly – I didn’t have any capacity to have compassion for others when I took an overdose last year. It’s hard to describe how fundamentally different I am as a person today.
    The beginning of my healing was founded in compassion. Selfless compassion of others for me when I had no capacity to offer anything in return. My sobriety and life are now grounded in that, I think of what I can do with every interaction to be a little more friendly, a little more helpful, a little more compassionate and that’s what keeps me sober.
    I learned what I’ve learned in AA. I’ve mentioned it before and received quite a negative reaction, which is fine – people are where they are, but with out it though I’ve no doubt I wouldn’t be here.

    1. Malatey

      This is a quietly inspirational story – good to hear your journey is going well now & best of luck in the future!

    2. Donal; Kiernan

      Keep doing what you are doing well and what is working for you. Like me others will have opinions, but you have the experience.
      All addictions start with pain/loss and the loss of one’s addiction needs to be grieved like all losses. The 11 to 13 month phase of recovery is crucial as it is here that clarity and awareness begin to become visible. Stay close to what and whom is working for you.

  4. Derval

    So people should “be with” their pain and find out what it is all about
    rather than take something which helps them to feel good?

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