Meanwhile, At Lissywollen



Lissywollen Direct Provision Centre in Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Following a protest at Lissywollen Direct Provision centre, the Irish Refugee Council writes:

Residents at Lissywollen Direct Provision Accommodation Centre wrote to centre management on 1st August 2014 detailing complaints about the centre, in particular the standard of food and the manner in which the food was provided. Failing an adequate response from management, the residents commenced a protest on 3rd September in which they refused to accept food from the management. Yesterday, Monday 8 September, the residents of Lissywollen Direct Provision accommodation centre met with RIA officials to discuss the complaints they had made in writing.

A Residents Committee representative said, “In light of this meeting with RIA, the residents have decided to hold off on further protest to allow RIA to address the issues highlighted at the meeting. A written response to the residents is expected from RIA in the next three weeks with some changes expected to be implemented immediately.”

The representative went on to say, “We are giving RIA the benefit of the doubt. We will wait to see what changes come into effect over the next three weeks before we decide on further action. If RIA fail to respond to our complaints over the coming weeks, we reserve the right to protest further.”

Sue Conlan, CEO of the Irish Refugee Council, who was present at the residents’ meeting with RIA, said “The residents clearly articulated detailed complaints relating specifically to Lissywollen and its management. Whilst the wider issues, including the behaviour of management towards residents, remain a serious cause of concern, it is hoped that the steps to be taken by RIA with the management will bring some immediate relief for residents.”

Media Statement from Lissywollen Residents (Irish Refugee Council)

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