Prime Time Poeticises


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“In the beginning there was little square boxes,
Little more than a screen and a processor.
Then it went from the desk to the laptop to all of us,
As the products go a little less costlier.

Now there’s iPads and smartphones, all part of our day,
With the one launch today just the latest variety.
They can hold information, from locations to finances,
So what does all this technology mean for our privacy?”

“From Government surveillance to photos of the famous,
Data held on one device can be dangerous,
So are people aware of what they’re putting out there?
And is our information as secure as they claim it is?”

“As technology is gone from bulky to wearable,
Things have moved on from Facebook, life online has got personal,
Our lives can be tracked, sold and commercialised,
So are people really made aware of this enough?”

Journalist Mark Coughlan (top) on RTÉ’s Prime Time last night.

He’s good.

But he’s no Moynes, in fairness.

Watch back in full here

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8 thoughts on “Prime Time Poeticises

  1. Shockin Blue

    TV Licence revenue put to good use I see. Still, it’s better tech coverage than Adrian Weckler provides.

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