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Discouraging but not terribly surprising data collected by the matchmaking website OK Cupid and published in the book Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking) by OK Cupid founder (and erstwhile number cruncher) Christian Rudder.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Spreadsheet (Five Thirty Eight)


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43 thoughts on “Stupid Cupid

  1. Paolo

    Is that because women in their 20’s are probably the best breeders and men are genetically programmed to be attracted to that whereas men can reproduce until they die?

    Just a thought.

  2. Loony Loo

    It’s true.

    Women at around 20 are perfect.

    To put another slant on it:
    1. Men are attracted to youth and beauty.
    2. Women are attracted to money and comfort.

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        No –

        It would show that Youth and Beauty may have a defined age for men viewing women, while women can see money and comfort in slightly older men when they themselves are young, moving to a lean toward youth and beauty (although not quite as young) as they mature and become monied and comfortable themselves.

      1. Aido

        It annoys me when people jump to the conclusion that data like this suggests that women are inferior to men, or complain that the data is fiddled to make men look like lotharios and women like simpering idiots.

        The fact of the matter is that there’s an important difference between biological and social equality. I think it’s foolish to claim that men and women are biologically equal – not to say that one gender is ‘better’ than the other but it’s undeniable that there are differences between them. These differences are driven by genetics, as men are genetically disposed to being larger and more aggresive (thanks to testosterone) and women are genetically disposed to being nuturing and maternal (thanks to pregnancy and the raft of hormones that supplement this function). Applying evolutionary genetics to the choice of a sexual partner firmly supports the observed data; mobile males seek as many genetically fit females as possible to ensure continuance of their genetic code; sedentary females seek a male partner of a similar age to ensure comfort.

        For approx 99.999% of human evolution women and men have been biologically and functionally distinct, i.e. it’s only in the past 200 years (out of the 200,000 which H sapiens has been around) have people argued hat women are socially equal to men.

        I am not a feminist, I just believe men and women should be socially equal. But they will never be biologically equal.

        tl;dr – the data is correct, people are wrong. And no one has suggested that women are any less than man simply because they’re genetically programmed to seek a strong mate.

        1. Sophie

          You are a feminist. If you believe in the social equality of the sexes then you are a feminist, whether you like the term or not.

        2. Starina

          “I am not a feminist, I just believe men and women should be socially equal.”

          That’s feminism. Don’t let anyone tell you feminism is a dirty word, sister!

        3. Barry the Hatchet

          Ugh, this “men are aggressive, women are nurturing because nature” stuff is so lazy. It’s just not true. There is literally no reliable scientific evidence to suggest that these are hardwired traits.

          1. Anne

            I did a bit of an ugh too at that.
            Men aren’t aggressive at all from my experience.
            And women aren’t necessarily all that nurturing either.

        4. Clampers Outside!

          But due to the white plastic on the inside of tins of sweet corn that mimics the molecular structure of oestrogen men are growing man boobs and becoming less aggressive. So there. It’s like, science n stuff.

  3. Eliot Rosewater

    I think it’s important to note that it’s about how the opposite sex look. I may find early 20s women attractive, but wouldn’t want to get into a relationship with them. So, while evolutionary (on a long, long scale) the graph would suggest that men want to reproduce with younger women, we have evolved socially where that’s not really the norm.

      1. will-billy

        they got a chance. i listened to interview with this author and he said in reality while men respond to the survey in one way in practise they will actually hump their own ma rather than not score

        1. Anne

          A girl could always squint.

          Anyway, he’s at the optimum age….. to die and leave ya all his dosh.
          You wouldn’t have to put in too much time there.

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