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    1. Mick Flavin

      WARNING: Experts in hiding the ghastly soullessness at the heart of their being, Fianna Fáil members may successfully mimic actual human traits and emotions.

    2. SOMK

      Sense of humour this? Really? REALLY? Most English-speaking children who have ever accidentally watched more than ten seconds of news have probably at some stage asked a parent “is a political party like a birthday party?” and thus inadvertently made that very same pun, in terms of puns this is a strong candaitdate for the most obvious pun in the entire English language and that’s without the context of actually being in a political party and therefore coming from a political family, which in that context, might actually make it, in terms of mental effort, the most obvious lanaguage-based joke it is possible for a non-subnormal human brain to make this side of the last person who farted loudly and laughed.

      So there’s that, then there’s putting your face on a poster for a Hollywood movie, which is well, at best a tad naff, at worst cringingly narcistic. If this demonstrates a sense of humour, it is a sense of humour in that, yes it’s possible these people may once have laughed at something, but it’s a long way away from being actually funny, or having a sense of comedy, I mean would you accept a DVD recommendation from them based only on the fact that they found it ‘funny’ on the basis of this poster? Me? I’d rather put my penis in a carrier bag full of asian super hornets.

      Lastly there’s the somewhat sinister, but completely consistent tool of hiding the Fianna Fáil brand, much like scientologists ask you to take a survey, feeding off the naïve few who don’t know what those survey are really about, so too Ógra FF invites you to the party. And I suppose it really is a party, those beer bellies don’t grow themselves, multi-million pensions are fun to spend and yeah it probably is funny thinking of all the people you f***ed over to get it and how angry some of them must get thinking about you collecting that fat juicy pension, every month, as your reward, for selling every little bit of your country you could get a hold of whilst telling people you did it for them, even when it’s right in front of their faces, even when your leader is obviously lying to tribunals of inquiry (because sometimes the corruption stinks so bad something has to be done, even if that something has no meassurable effect on anything other than slaughtering a few forrests worth of paper, and putting a select few barristers on a gravy train so lavish they probably to this day vomit Exorcist levels of bisto if you so much as breath on their bellies), they still vote for you and you still get your pension, even when you promise change for more than seventy years and never deliver, they still vote for you and you still get your pension, even after being at the helm for the biggest drop in GDP in a western country since the great recession, they STILL vote for you and you STILL get your pension.


      “That which has happened is a warning. To forget it is guilt. It must be continually remembered. It was possible for this to happen, and it remains possible for it to happen again at any minute. Only in knowledge can it be prevented.” -Karl Jaspers

  1. JunkFace

    No one parties like Brian Cowen. Caught sh1tfaced on the radio in the morning after suckin diesel all night.

    Hup Ye Whoooer!

    1. Siju Cat

      Girl I know works in famous golf club in Kilkenny. Served Brian Cowen and Phil Hogan at lunch together three weeks ago. Brian ate a sandwich (like an animal apparently) and Phil had nothing but water. No tip left either. What you reckon they talked about? EU business no doubt?

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