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        1. AhHereLeaveItOut

          C’mon lies, admit it – you’re making an insinuation that the thief was Roma but then you got caught out and used JAMS joke to escape. ‘ Hmmm…multiple calls to Romania and Italy? Roma much?’ doesn’t make sense as a joke, only as that. Don’t lie to us…

          1. smoothlikemurphys

            Oh dear.

            I was only trying to highlight the idiotic nature of phrases ending in ‘much?’ and now I’ve gone and implicated Just Sayin’ in some kind of xenophobic scandal.

    1. Duh

      Same here, HTC android phone locked with a pin, realized phone was gone after a night out. I called it in the morning and someone answered saying they found it, asked them to throw it in a taxi to me but he said his was outside dublin at the time and would meet me after work that evening.
      I checked usage online and 180 euro in calls to Morocco on it already !

      I didn’t have insurance so lost a 500 euro phone, had to pay call charges, had to buy a new phone and was only 2 months into a 24 month contract !

        1. Duh

          i thought the PIN would protect it but now reckon you could just bring an Android phone to any of those used phone shops and they’ll unlock it for you.

        1. Duh

          only reported it stolen after I checked the usage so 3 said “ah that’s terrbble, you should have reported it before the calls where made”. which is fair enough i suppose or else you could get a cheap phone run up a huge bill and then say it was stolen.

  1. martomcg

    The same thing happened to my brother in the UK and the cost was over 200sterling before he had a chance to cancel the sim.

    Unfortunately the Romanian (and yes all the calls were to Romania) didnt anticipate how hard my brother would take it.

    He got an itemised bill as above, bought one of those international call cards to allow cheap as chips calls to Romania and proceded to call all of the numbers on the bill at obscene hours of the night/morning (usually while intoxicated) and had a ‘polite’ conversation with whoever answered….. and continued to do this for quite some time

      1. Anne

        What’s nice about it? :)
        Punishing the unfortunate friends and family members of a thief?
        They only had the misfortune of receiving a phone call once.

        He’s probably still calling them for a drunken chat.

  2. Colin

    Used be fairly rampant in the UK, and probably here, they would have a premium number set up and just call it when they stole / acquired a phone. They even open up bogus accounts on bill pay and never paid them. The premium numbers (Set up by them) got paid regardless. Pretty ingenious (and scumbag) scam.

  3. chicken

    My my phone…. or is this just the iphone. Can block it directly yourself & you can still see the location.

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