All That We Can’t Leave Behind



(A repost from yesterday now with fully-abled video)

1. The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) 0:00
2. Every Breaking Wave” 4:15
3.  California (There is No End to Love) 8:27
4. Song for Someone 12:27
5. Iris (Hold Me Close) 16:14
6. Volcano 21:33
7. Raised by Wolves 24:47
8. Cedarwood Road 28:53
9. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight 33:18
10. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now 38:20
11. The Troubles (featuring Lykke Li) 43:25

U2 – Songs Of Innocence.

Secret bonus tracks:
Adam Remains Cool In Fairness 1.25
She iPhones In Mysterious Ways 2.13
Back Home In Holland 4.12

U2, Songs of Innocence: first review (Neil McCormick, Telegraph)

Paul McGuinness On The New U2 Album (Hot Press)

Bono On U2’s Not-So-Free iTunes Album: “We Were Paid” (Time)

Earlier: A Limerick A Beautiful Day

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91 thoughts on “All That We Can’t Leave Behind

  1. Gers

    Same sh*t, different album name. I flicked quickly at various location and it all sounded the same as all the other songs, even thought I was listening to some old songs at times. Recycled crapola as usual, imo anyway.

    1. Llareggub

      I agree. U2 latched onto a successful formula years ago. Add some new lyrics every couple of years and press record. I’m amazed that so many people keep on buying this unoriginal tired muck – but then again no.

    2. Reegore

      I agree that it isn’t great on the first listen, but I don’t really think that its fair to dismiss it without actually listening to it the whole way through. It’s an album, not your ipod on shuffle!

    3. chimpy

      If you’re looking for album of 2014 you won’t go far wrong with dfa 1979’s new album “physical world”. its a beast.

  2. Panty Christ

    I see nadine oregan had a huge saucer of milk when a rival got to review this in advance of the launch

  3. Davey T

    I like the way “the miracle of Joey Ramone” duration is zero- would be better if it was that duration for the entire album.

  4. Declan

    Feels very formulaic, U2 album by committee.. trying to hit a previous winning formulas, each trying to emulate a former success. .. Meh.

  5. Llareggub

    I always imagine German lads with mullet hairdos listening to this music. Sorry German people, you make good cars but have awful taste in music.

  6. aubrey

    It’s never going to come back lads. It’s gone. You aren’t likeable anymore. You’re the wrong side of 50; bloated, blunted and slowed down by age and indulgence. You’re still living in a world that has long since died for anyone who doesn’t have the cushion of a regular ego massage and money, lots and lots of money, obscene amounts of money … You seem to say nothing to anyone in this country, other than ‘I’m detached from reality and very important’ and frankly, it’s embarrassing. There is a time in a man’s life when he should turn to gardening, or doing his bit for the society where he grew up, either is a noble thing to do, even the gardening. Just stop the posturing, the egotism and the cynical money-grabbing, because it’s obvious to anyone with a brain cell that the art left U2 a long, long time ago.

    1. DaveM

      Jasus! Aubrey,anybody who consciously bothered to spend the time to commit an opinion like that to cyberspace is seriously depressed,bitter and jealous.Why don’t you just have a drink.I bet you were great crack when you used to be on the sauce.

      1. aubrey

        Dave, you gormless bobble head! I’m not bitter, jealous, or depressed! I’m a very happy-go-lucky individual as it happens. : ) Sorry for raining on your fingers-in-your-ears-la-la-la-la way of walking through life! Maybe have a drink yourself, you may want to reflect on why you got so upset at my comment!

    2. Martco

      haha yea…but you’re already having a look on their website to see if the tour dates are finalised to get ready for the ticket grab aren’t you? ;)

    3. The Horror

      “Wrong side of 50”. Great bit of ageism there. What’s your advice on remaining the right side of it? I look forward to your album review that links in this out of control rant to the lyrical themes, and only then will I lift this curse

      1. aubrey

        Sorry, didn’t mean to be ageist there. The wrong side of 50 for prancing around on stage, having released the same record, for the fifth time, dressed like a caricature of yourself, like you really should know better, I suppose.They have nothing left to say to pop culture, they’re done, finished, kaput! Time to hang up the leather pants, you’re grown men!

    4. Continuity Jay-Z

      Aubrey; careful there, chief, the U2 zealots are all 40 something taxi drivers with a ton of spare time on their hands in the afternoons.

  7. The Horror

    The trolling here is hilarious and shameless. The internet is broken by “free speech” = refuge for faceless cowards

        1. aubrey

          You know what, I tried, but I simply found Bono Jesus’s voice way too much like it was dripping with ego, wrapped in faux sincerity. It made me cringe, a lot. That, and it sounded like everything else they’ve done over the past ten years. After ten minutes it was really, REALLY grating, so I decided I’d had enough. Is that fair?

          1. Reegore

            I’m more comparing how albums are listened to then the content. I’d say you’ve spent longer posting comments about the album then listening to it Aubrey :)

    1. Continuity Jay-Z

      The only thing worse than Bono is people who like Bono. The worst of these are the broke-asses who think Bono would even give them a second of his time. You morons.

  8. DaveM

    Come on Aubrey,tell us what did poor little Bono and his friends do to you that you have to be such a meany pants to them?

    1. aubrey

      They’re just shite, Dave, I suppose. Boring. Unimaginative. The same old shrieking evangelical schlock they’ve been churning out for years … delivered by someone who thinks that if he sings it with enough delusional ego that we’ll all buy it. Nah, sorry Bono Jesus, the game’s up. Funny how U2’s demise mirrors that of the church’s …

      1. DaveM

        So I’ll take it your not much of a fan then.Maybe we should all get together and start a campaign to try and get Bono to sing in a less Jesusy type voice, maybe if he gave it a bit more Of the Christy Moore type vibe.I bet apple could even invent a machine or an app to help him out like auto tune or something.They could call it the Christy 5000.Just imagine Brian Eno up in the studio saying Jasus,will someone hit the old Christy5000 we need to Moorify Bono by 46%.I’ve been listening to him sounding like Bono for the last 35 years…i wonder if the yanks would like that?

          1. DaveM

            Ah! Aubrey, There is no need to be horrible to me now.I am not a friend of Bono and have never even met Adam clayton and i never even professed to know anything about music be it Irish,mainstream or not.So after listening to the clip you posted i will have to bow to your superior knowledge and apologize for doubting you and thinking that you were in any way unhinged.After rereading your post where you said that ”u2s demise mirrors that of the churches” i can now see you for the truly insightful and observant person that you are.

          2. aubrey

            Sorry, if I was being horrible, didn’t mean to be. But seriously, I’d love to see a graph of U2 and the Church’s popularity ratings side-by-side over the past ten years. I am in no way saying they are connected but in terms of the dismantling of Irish Holy Cows over the past decade, I’m sure they are feeling the same pinch. That’s all. Again, Dave, sorry if I came across as arsey. I’m sure you are a great man altogether, genuinely.

      2. will-billy

        they have a few good songs. i agree their last few records were poor but i don’t find that embarrassing

  9. Joe835

    Does anyone know if they were making a U2 video on the Samuel Beckett Bridge on 23 August? Thought it might have made an appearance on Tuesday but it didn’t……

  10. Formerly known as

    The most memorable thing about the the last U2 album, was this review: “No tune on the horizon”.

  11. Drogg

    I have to fully agree with all the annoyed ramones fans out there that the corporate shill bono has covered a ramones song.

      1. Drogg

        I didn’t realise new comer trolls where creating the rules on commenting, maybe you should release a comprehensive guild for the rest of us.

  12. scottser

    i had a listen to the album last night and it’s just ok. a couple of decent tracks – i like cedarwood road and the troubles but that’s about it. i think for a band that’s been around as long as they have it’s going to be harder to reinvent themselves, so why not branch out into other projects? it’s not like the edge isn’t actually a decent composer, or mullen isn’t a decent drummer. in fact, i’d say larry would make an fine producer in his own right. bono, as a singer should write for other projects – film maybe? they’re just flogging a dead horse at this stage.

    1. smashmouth

      Should they not be admired for at least attempting to remain relevant by producing new material?

      Unlike the Stones or The Who who are happy enough to tour greatest hits albums

      1. Mani

        Releasing new material does not make you relevant. Constantly rehashing the same formula makes you irrelevant. They have nothing new to say. When you write songs that are predominantly emotive in lyrical content then you best be either an amazing lyricist (sorry Bono) or be honest/personal in your content. Bono is not honest with himself therefore he is not honest in his songwriting, therefore making it extremely difficult to connect with an audience. If he wrote about premature balding, middle-aged spread, his own struggles with mortality (free of the shackles of his lyrical crutches i.e. the Church the bible, god, Northern Ireland) he may actually become interesting.

        1. smashmouth

          I said “attempting” to remain relevant

          They could easily do a highly profitable Forty Licks type tour in order to avoid the inevitable onslaught of criticism attached to releasing new material

          1. Mani

            What they are doing is not even an attempt to remain relevant. They may as well tour the hits as release this flaccid collection of well worn hooks.

  13. JunkFace

    They should have made a rap album! Show dem der kids how its done Old-Schoooool! Very old-school

    “Mah name is Bono and I think I’m from Finglas…..blah de blah de blah de blah de blah de blah Jesus!”
    “All de bitches in me castle say Ho!”

  14. brianharvey4life

    YO! listen up all u bloody granddads why you chatting bout U2 when
    there`s loads of underground indie bands like ”worm riot” ”egg sandwich” and ”skertl74” out there making
    well wicked records?
    GET WITH IT etc. etc.

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