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    1. Flashman

      Actually the Scottish are very much like their Celtic cousins the Irish in that they’re willing to be sleep-walked into financial meltdown at the hands of lying,duplicitous politicians.
      They’re certainly afflicted with the same air of entitlement and lack of self-respect.
      They want to leave the UK but retain its currency and the security which the Bank of England brings, they want to remove nuclear weapons from their soil but join NATO to retain to protection of nuclear weapons and they want independence from Westminster but immediately want to join the EU to have someone else dictate their financial policies.
      A vote for independence is a vote for the Irish way – to spend the future kissing the backside of whatever German Chancellor they’re kneeling behind.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        If Scotland was an independent nation today, would there be a vote to decide if they wanted to form a union with England?

        Retaining the status quo, just because it is convenient, is not going to improve the lives of Scottish people.

        Ireland retained the link with Sterling until 1978. I am sure they will avoid the mistakes of Ireland, when it comes to be manipulated by Germany.

        The Scots want the ability live in a country that reflects their culture, their ideals, not to be dictated to by a larger group of people, who have a different set of ideals and values. The fact that the London government is more interested in the Home Counties, than the Home countries, is a good enough reason to leave.

        1. Flashman

          And kiss goodbye to the £17.5 billion in subsidies Scotland currently receives which enables them to live a better lifestyle – no prescriptions charges,no university tutition fees – than their English counterparts ?

          Add that to dwindling oil supplies, massive interest rates surcharges imposed on them by the markets when they go looking to borrow money and the inevitable flight of capital and jobs out of the country post-Independence and you have indeed freedom – but at what price ?
          They won’t stand a chance of entry into the EU and will be treated internationally as little more than a banana – or should that be haggis – republic.

          Scotland will be as impotent as Ireland and reliant solely on the goodwill ( ho ho ) of Germany and rUK.

          And one thing the electorate of rUK will not tolerate is any more generosity towards a country that has supped at its table of goodwill but slunk off without saying thanks to the host.
          Me ? I’m all for the Jocks going independent and then,as with Ireland, an entire generation of skilled labour will head to England grateful for jobs,a stable economy and future prospects not entirely dependant of getting pissed in a pub for the rest of their lives.

          Bring in on Hamish !

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            Yes, England is where the London Government likes to keep the jobs (and the power and the money).

            It is lucky for the Scots that the English are so generous. You know, looking after that oil, for all these years.

    1. Flashman

      @ Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Without English money and technical expertise the oil would still be under the North Sea.
      And according to my chum who has worked for years on the rigs the Scots come just after the Irish in terms of unreliability.
      Especially on a Monday morning, if you catch my drift.

  1. Kieran NYC

    For all Paisley’s raving about Northern Ireland being British, his picture only made the front of one of the English papers featured.

    They couldn’t give a s***e.

    1. will-billy

      excellent spot KieranNYC and actually you hit the nail on the head there. that fact alone is mostly why we now have a peace agreement. actual mainland brits despise them all up therr

        1. Flashman

          I think most English people would prefer it if Ireland was to take Northern Ireland off their hands.
          But seeing as Ireland is incapable of running its own country without help from others and NI Catholics can see this just as much as anybody else it ain’t gonna happen.

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            Let’s give the English a vote on it. That, and the Scottish vote, might be enough to convince our brothers up north, that they are better off in a 32 county state. They might also recognise that they may end up running the show, as they are so competent and free from corruption.

            There is the possibility of a two state solution – an independent NI, not part of the UK, and a 26 county Republic.

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