Martin McGuinness when asked by Matt Frei on tonight’s Channel 4 News if as a former member of the IRA he ever remembered targeting Ian Paisley replied:

“No. I think that many people within Irish Republicanism thought that Ian Paisley alive was a much better recruiting sergeant if you like, for the IRA at that time.”

Who recruited Marty?


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Getting To Know Him

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8 thoughts on “Half Chuckle

  1. aoh

    If any republican had even tried to kill him, he would have been a martyr to the cause and therefore larger than life – which was large enough to begin with!

    1. Joe Dolan

      You may not have an understanding of simply how huge an effect this man and his recently deceased political adversary and colleague have had on this island, but surely that doesn’t deprive the rest of us who acknowledge their impact in shaping a relatively violence free Northern Ireland from being shown this compassionate and honest testimonial?
      Your ignorance shouldn’t overshadow or prevent our understanding of the complex and vital relationship between these two men.
      Perhaps you might do better to commend broadsheet for publishing a piece not available on other online-only Media, yet vital to our understanding of what has happened here?
      Or maybe not…

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