12 thoughts on “No Hipsters

      1. Outta me Bento Box

        “Baited” – Maybe you mean “bated” ?!

        If Broadsheet is going to ripoff other website they should give credit at least. BS is the first to slag off other websites for doing so

        1. John Gallen

          Apologies for the typo.

          As for your second bit, just because it is on reddit doesn’t mean it originated there ya silly bugger.
          I saw it on The Poke, The Poke picked it up from this guys Twitter account @JerryIbbotson, I sent it to BS with the link to the original source where I saw it, and The Poke has been given that credit. And the original twitter credit, the person who took the photo is there to be seen. Reddit doesn’t even come into it.

          You sir, are either blind or a muppet. You should get that seen too.

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