Have You Seen This Abducted Boy?



A Child Rescue Ireland (CRI) alert has been initiated and the gardaí and are looking for help in tracing 15-year-old Sait Canbullu, pictured above.

The gardaí write:

At approximately 13.10hrs this afternoon, 13th September 2014, Sait Canbullu was approached by two males ( wearing balaclavas / ski masks) and abducted during an incident at the junction of High St. and Rowe St. in Wexford town. He was taken from the scene in a vehicle described as a black saloon car with tinted windows. It’s understood the car travelled in the direction of Wexford Quays. Sait is described as 5ft4” in height, of average build, with black hair and brown eyes. When last seen he was wearing dark grey tracksuit and blue/grey Nike running shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Gardaí on 999 or 112. Please do not approach those involved, instead immediately contact 999 / 112 or your local Garda Station providing as much information as possible. The Garda Confidential number should not be uses as the number is not manned on a 24-hour basis. A further update will be issued within two hours if not sooner.

An Garda Síochána (Facebook)

Thanks Paul

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48 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Abducted Boy?

    1. Flashman

      ” The Garda Confidential Number should not be used as the number is not manned on a 24-hour basis. ”
      Perhaps the most depressing part of the Indo’s story on this abduction.The cops either can’t afford or can’t be bothered to man a 24-hour hotline.
      Why not just switch the calls through to a Garda station that is manned ?

      1. Barracuda

        Read the paragraph above that. They are advising people to call 999/112 if they want to report something. That’s your 24 hour hotline right there Flashman. Never heard of it?!?

    1. Llareggub

      So he wasn’t abducted by aliens but rather went willingly with people he most probably knew. Such sensationalist Chinese whisper reporting last night would have you thinking that you shouldn’t let your kids out the house.

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        If I could keep mine out of the house I’d be happy. I have to confess, I read these child abduction reports with a touch of envy. If only my three weren’t so repellent.

    1. Fancy Dan

      No abduction and presumably no masked men. So who was it ‘witnessed’ the masked men dragging the lad into a car? A black car with tinted windows too.

  1. johnjo

    giving the fact the the kid was found safe and well its all good now the mystery of what happened will be question
    maybe starting with the photo released of the boy clearly holding up the isis salute
    per capita ireland has the highest rate of muslims going to fight in syria.. hmm

    1. Kieran NYC

      So because he’s got a ‘fordin’ name and holding up his index finger, there’s some terrorism going on?

    2. Fancy Dan

      “per capita Ireland has the highest rate of Muslims going to fight in Syria”. There are no figures to back this up. Pure speculation and certainly untrue. And he is not “clearly holding up the Isis salute”. It is very unclear from the photo what that hand signal is.

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