14 thoughts on “Pesky Students

  1. Lilly

    Can’t quite read it. Are they complaining about having to go back to college too early? I don’t blame them, we never set foot it the place before October.

  2. Sadface

    they don’t mind the money they bring in to the city though,,as long as they don’t live on their street..

  3. E.

    Pre semesterisation we started first Monday of October. I think they’re back first week of September under new regime (which is like ten years ago) so maybe that’s what they mean by early? Minimal students spotted in August.

    They’ll be back for rag week, the crazy postering people

    1. Sidewinder

      And it’s not like they’re around any longer than usual either. What difference does it make when they come back?

  4. Franky

    I used to feel that they deserved the messy nights out of shouting and waking the entire city but now, I loathe their return. They’ve smashed all the car wing mirrors on my street again! They often throw bottles into out apt courtyard too. I used to defend then and say ‘ how do we know it’s the students’ but the cars are only smashed during college terms. I never felt like wrecking the gaff when drunk!

  5. Sidewinder

    To us the Croke Park argument in a way that actually applies – it’s a 170 year old university, they should expect students.

        1. Pablo

          They should expect students, yes. They shouldn’t have to expect the students to engage in mindless vandalism and general antisocial behaviour.

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