62 thoughts on “Return To Sender

  1. Seamus Keane

    Wow, congrats to poster & critics, it must be super great to be so intellectually superior to the Proles.

  2. pooter

    I have 2 large dogs

    They drink the water from the tap
    I flush their poop down the loo
    Occasionally I give them a bath

    Can I get a water allowance for them?

    1. ahjayzis

      You don’t need an allowance. When the water in the pipes crosses the international border into your sovereign 3-bed semi state it becomes property of either yourself as the monarch, or your family/housemates if your gaf is a republic.

      Remember, if Irish Water send someone to your house without permission it’s clearly an act of war and said person can be detained and interrogated in a POW box-room/downstairs WC indefinitely.

  3. Zuppy International

    Don’t listen to the Irish Water shills and bullies: a tax on water is a tax on life.

    Besides, it’s already paid for through general taxation. This new tax is the state double dipping through the questionable agency of Irish Water.

    No contract. No consent. No implied right of access. All perfectly lawful positions.

  4. Miko

    @zuppy sure – I get a 100% discount on the aul water tax for posting on broadsheet….

    Paying for food is a tax on life then? Paying for electricity or gas is a tax on life?

    You might want to educate yourself on the fiscal situation of this country before making strange claims of double taxation (whatever that means)…. The magic money tree is gone for the time being.

    1. Zuppy International

      Hey Miko,

      Your logical fallacies are rejected.

      Most food is taxed at a zero rate (at least for raw ingredients). Electricity is not essential for life. The ‘fiscal situation’ in this ‘county’ has been deliberately engineered in order that the wealth of the people can captured by a criminal elite.

  5. Brian S

    So can I “not consent to” the law that says I can’t murder idiots? Cause if so sign me up for this freeman of the land lark! I’ll start with everyone who comments on the journal followed by 99% of people who drive on the m50 followed by everyone else. But it’s cool cause I didn’t consent to be bound by the law of this “country” right?

    1. Zuppy International

      You’re deliberately confusing two issues. Any offer to contract can be rejected. Murder is never acceptable. If you abandon the law you lose it’s protection.

      1. DoM

        They offer you water. You say no. So… you’re going to start showering in Volvic? Or you want the water for nothing?

        1. Zuppy International

          The offer from Irish Water is to pay for water that you are already paying for. If you reject that offer tell me how they can deny you access to the water that is already your right?

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