Hip To Be Square




Behold the Polaroid Socialmatic.

It’s a real-life Instagram logo camera that can also print your photos.

A 14-megapixel camera will ensure high quality pictures of your dinner.

Priced at around €300.

Release date early 2015.


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9 thoughts on “Hip To Be Square

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Argos are doing a nifty little Canon bridge camera with wifi for €189.

    It says that €189 is half price which I think is bollocks maybe 33% off, but anyway, tis a great price for a quality sturdy small camera with plenty of features (including instagram type picture effects) and it’ll upload direct to your social networks, or connect to your phone while on the go via the wifi, if ya want that kinda thing.


    Great little small camera for on the go, served me well at EP and it came home safe :)

    1. Mani

      It’s handy enough alright, though you’re mother and I would appreciate it if you could get one with night vision the next time…for a little venture I call ‘Clampers Ma: Special Ops’

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