11 thoughts on “Long Live The King

  1. Starina

    he’s the reason i hated all blues until well into my 20s. indulgent, soulless w*nk for white people. but, you know. fair f*cks to him or whatever.

        1. Bacchus

          I’d suggest you get your head out of your ass and realise the blues is the basis for just about fuppin’ everything you think is good music. Jazz became music for white people as musicians moved fro the country to the city but the blues stayed true and if you think it’s soulless then … Jack you dead.

          1. Starina

            I didn’t say I still hated blues music, jeez. just that BB King gave me a bad impression of it very early on. I’m now well informed on the various Blind __ __ bluesmen and Robert Johnson and early Black Keys and etc and etc and etc.

          2. Bacchus

            Nah, BB is pure blues…he does like a bit of cabaret alright but his credentials are as good as anyone’s.

          3. scottser

            from wiki:

            Pentatonic scales occur in Celtic folk music, German folk music, Nordic folk music, Hungarian folk music, West African music, African-American spirituals, Gospel music, Bluegrass music, American folk music, Jazz, American blues music, rock music, Sami joik singing, children’s song, the music of ancient Greece[3][4] and the Greek traditional music and songs from Epirus, Northwest Greece, music of Southern Albania, folk songs of peoples of the Middle Volga area (such as the Mari, the Chuvash and Tatars), the tuning of the Ethiopian krar and the Indonesian gamelan, Philippine kulintang, Native American music, melodies of China, Korea, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam (including the folk music of these countries), the Andean music, the Afro-Caribbean tradition, Polish highlanders from the Tatra Mountains, and Western Impressionistic composers such as French composer Claude Debussy.[citation needed] Examples of its use include Chopin’s Etude in G-flat major, op. 10, no. 5, the “Black Key” etude,[1] in the major pentatonic.

            banned by the medieval church for being too damn sexy but also because they are so simple they’re used to teach music to children. you gotta love pentatonic :)

    1. dylad

      Black Keys? Granted he got a bit vegas but listen to BB King’s stuff on Sun Records- it really isn’t souless. w*nk.

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