70 thoughts on “Classic Prams In Your Area

  1. Tom Stewart

    He might not necessarily be an uber-hipster. He might just be someone who took a perfectly good pram off a relative who was nevery going to use it again…

    1. Sidewinder

      They’ve modernised for a reason. Small for transport and storage, easy to manoeuvre in a crowd or small soace, lighter to ease your back which is already pretty shagged from pregnancy and/or constantly leaning over a cot or picking up and putting down an 8 pound baby.

      1. munkifisht

        Well for those of us who care what world we leave for the little sprog inside the pram, maybe we’re more concerned with recycling perfectly good kit rather than subscribing a disposable consumer society.

    1. bruce01

      Its a Carlton, great yoke about the (single storey) house for the under 6 month old. I’d say this lad gets serious kudos off the grannies about town.

  2. Bejayziz

    There are loads of them knocking about Irish homes and prams are ridiculously expensive these days so maybe he just took the one from his mam or relative/friends attic

  3. Bejayziz

    If I ever catch a person taking a picture of me like this the phone is getting the Liam Gallagher treatment…alot of point the finger twits who should mind their own business in ireland it seems

    1. Chapstick

      Agree. Give over taking pictures of people because you think something is that bit different to what you think it should be. What concern is it of theirs if they have a pram like that?! They need to get a hobby.

      1. masquerlady

        Yep, this kind of behaviour is just stalkerish and downright weird. Fair play to him using a silvercross. Live and let live.

    2. Rotide

      Would you ever COP ON folks.

      The guy is out walking on a public street, there is no expectation to privacy.

      Lets couple that with the fact that he DESPERATELY WANTS to be noticed with the full hipster look and all calm down ok?

      1. ArtVanderlay

        I kind of do have an expectation that I won’t be photographed and and then that photograph published on the internet for stranger’s to discuss my private property or behavior. It’s not even a particularly high expectation, is it?

    1. B Hewson

      People shouldn’t be allowed to do what they want without being sneered at. It’s a disgrace this man is doing something different. Follow him home and protest outside and call him names.

  4. Joe Malone

    Classic gobshite taking pictures of you In Your Area.

    Broadsheet take this down. That chap didn’t give permission to have his picture taken and Ciaran is a douche who shouldn’t be given attention for being an fn weirdo oddball who takes pictures of folk without permission.

  5. SLFC Ultra

    Stop taking photos of people you do not know.

    Can’t you just regale your friends this evening of this exciting sight?
    Or if you have no friends, your cat?

  6. SLFC Ultra

    Ciaran, I would also like to point out you shouldn’t take photos of people you do know without their permission.

  7. Some Kind of Jalopy

    Do you say the same thing about Classic Car owners. This post is clearly in this tradition.

    Or is it that you subscribe to the somewhat precious view that ‘me” time between father and baby is sacrosanct?

    Or is there something which viscerally embarrasses you about a man with a pram (in the same way as a man driving a car does not)?

  8. Classic Rams in Your Area

    This is an affectionate post capturing in time capsule form a key moment in Irish post-hipsterdom.

    Did Henri Cartier-Bresson ask permission before taking photos?

  9. Shane

    My mum must have been a hipster. When she looked after children and they arrived in trendy buggies she would put them into a Silvercross pram. To help them to sleep she’d put a vacuum cleaner on the springs of the pram and it created a rocking motion.

  10. Fiona Muldooney

    You obviously don’t have any children or you wouldn’t be so glib, how do you know Cartier-Bresson didn’t ask permission, around in Paris in the 1940s were you? I am a mother btw.

    1. Classic Rams in Your Area

      Actually I did my thesis on him back in the 1960s, and was lucky enough to meet with someone who worked with him. Sometimes people got irate when he didn’t ask their permission, but usually not after they saw the photographs. There was an article in the Irish Times in the 1990s about an irishman (someone’s uncle Peter) who was snapped by him unawares.

      1. Fiona Muldowney

        Well if he tried to take a photo of my Bugaboo I’d give him a whack behind the ear. i don’t even put photos of my little ones up on Facebook, in case it might endanger them. I use a cropping tool to cut them out of family photos instead.

        1. Some Kind of Jalopy

          Will your little ones not get a bit freaked out when they look at the family photo album later?

          1. Fiona Muldowney

            Don’t take it out on me because you missed your chance to breed. Kids need to be protected… maybe even from people like you.

          2. Fiona Muldowney

            I can’t believe in this country with all that has happened someone would use the word paedogeddon.

          3. I, Diddley

            Yikes. Fiona sounds like the sort of mad yoke my father warned me about. Having a child is her only achievement in life.

          4. Fiona Muldooney

            I consider having my beautiful children my biggest achievement in life, yes. And they need to be protected. People who put photos of their kids up online love themselves more than their kids, I’m not afraid to say it. Thank god that baby is not identifiable and presumably the father will turn in the pram after this post.

            Proud caring mum shocker, get over it.

  11. Murtles

    I know you don’t normally do this buy my Silvercross pram was stolen from outside Centra. I don’t have children but I find they’re great for sitting into and tying to the back of a van to get a cheap lift to work.

  12. Kolmo

    Live and let live, even the Hipsters – but the woolen hat, in the warmest September since the Ice age, what makes someone think wearing a woolen hat in quiet warm weather is a good idea, (excepting some injury/scar hiding) All our lovely summer I’ve been baffled by young men in shorts, t-shirt and a hat with a tog factor of 50….what is it, please someone clarify this mystery

    I don’t agree with the snapping of people to sneer….

  13. medieval knievel

    y’know, maybe he just likes the look of the pram.
    and while it may be legal to photograph someone in a public place, that doesn’t make it OK to use it as an excuse to play the internet version of the valley of the squinting windows.

  14. D2dweller

    Agree with above. Bad call posting this Broadsheet. Who’s to say the pram wasn’t a needed gift from a relative. Prams are pretty expensive these days

    Even if it’s not. It’s a guy, minding his own business with a pram. This is just encouraging bullying of a unwitting guy

  15. WOD

    Spent a good 6 weeks of a summer once, sawing the two axles off a pram just like that, in order to engineer a very speedy a go-cart.. The mammy was not best pleased!

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