Playing Chicken



How your chicken may look under an independent Scotland.

There’a buke in that.


Kentucky fried Britain: The piece of chicken shaped like a map of the UK as it will Iook if Scotland goes independent (MailOnline)

Thanks SH

And in case you’re still confused, John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver laid it out for US viewers earlier this week.

(Thanks Claire Coffey)

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7 thoughts on “Playing Chicken

  1. Ultach

    Looks like Wales, East Anglia and our own north east are to walk as well. Kernow hanging in there for now. Or is that just Devon still there? Still, it looks like the Isle of Wight is to join the main island.

  2. The bringer of facts

    I love when they ignore Northern Ireland.

    So is it Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland? Like South Korea and North Korea?

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