17 thoughts on “Stuck In A Moment

    1. Mick Flavin

      You take that back! I had a fantastic top of the range Alba that immediately played side 2 when side 1 was finished. It ate batteries like a…
      like a…er…like a Transformer with a case of the munchies…

      *Storms into Writers’ Room*

      “Transformer with a case of the munchies”? Who the hell wrote that? Brian? You’re fired, man.

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    If one needed to block out the sounds of certain siblings in your life while asserting a new ferver for cassette gifts and personal moosic…these were WONDERFUL.

  2. Joe835

    Interesting to see the price of batteries v walkman there, two (presumably AA) batteries are 26p each, so that’s 52p for the pair. That’s around 2.6% of the value of one of those £19.95 models, which means in today’s money – when two AA batteries in Argos are around €2.40 – a walkman would be the equivalent of €92.

    And sure enough, a Sony 8GB Walkman is €95 in Argos (http://www.argos.ie/ProductDisplayTRK019?partNumber=1418660). But now they don’t need batteries.

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