‘Very, Very Serious’



Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe



Mr Donohoe confirmed he had discussed with Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald last night Sgt Maurice McCabe’s latest allegations that several hundred penalty points are continuing to be terminated every month by members of the force.
“Both of us agree that they’re very, very serious and they must be investigated…It is hugely important that these areas be investigated properly and it be done in a clear manner,” he said.

Penalty point allegations ‘very, very serious’ – Donohoe (IrishTimes)


How many can access the new system?

Interim Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan said the timeline in relation to these allegations was very important. She said only three people could cancel penalty points under the new system introduced in June.


That seems to narrow it down to three people.

It’s a two-piper.

Minister urges people not to jump to conclusions over new penalty points allegations (RTE, Monday)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

21 thoughts on “‘Very, Very Serious’

  1. Classic Rams in Your Area

    This needs to be followed up on. These three people need to be identified Publicly and explain. Not another unpublished garda investigation. A proper Appearance before the Oireachtas.

    1. Just sayin'

      Those three people shouldn’t be identified at all.
      Its quite probably they are civil servant who were told by Gardaí that points should be canceled for legitimate reasons. Aside from ensuring there was a paper or electronic trail, they would probably have to implement those requests.
      Why are people so anxious to hang someone, anyone, all the time?

  2. The Lady Vanishes

    Only three people? This is starting to look like the last segment of an Agatha Christie adaptation. Anyone on the Broadsheet staff feeling like Poirot?

      1. James Egan 301

        Yes, he was supposed to talk English better than the natives! Is that what you’re getting at? *sarcasm*

          1. James Egan 301

            Well, Sherlock smoked a lot of things, including opium.

            But I think the pipes he was referring in the context of the two pipe thing were tobacco.

            This also makes sense from a practical view as more than one pipe of 19th century opium (think very strong heroin) would have caused a smoker to lose consciousness and maybe even die.

            Unless Bodger is trying to say that it’s the kind of problem that is addictive, but can’t be solved.

            Always these little layers, with Bodger posts.

          2. James Egan 301

            Well I don’t. It was a fact that Arthur Conan Doyle’s hero whose stories you presumably read to your kids smoked opium, which was essentially heroin. Get over it.

    1. Salmon of Nollaig

      Actually if you’d bothered reading the Sean Guerin report you’d have seen it was anything but a whitewash.

  3. Starina

    three people….is that just at this moment or is that including the number of people they removed from having access just before making the statement?

  4. dylad

    Very very very serious . What does that Mcabe fella be up to at all? They need to keep him away from the puters.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    And the answer is….. by my own reckoning….

    No new system was put in place at all and the ‘only three’ can cancel stuff off the system is something written in a report or a recommendation in some other report but nothing was ever changed or implemented on the ground.

    That’s my jump the gun / conspiracy anyway, sure, it’s par for the course.

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