26 thoughts on “Ha’penny For Your Thoughts

    1. Grimes

      Desperate women? Isn’t this ridiculous act done by two people “in love”? How come there’s never desperate men mentioned?

    2. Sinabhfuil

      St Rita of Cascia, to whom girls used to pray to find a husband; apparently Cascia is usually full of astoundingly ugly women, there on pilgrimage.

        1. Crank

          To be honest, I’d be more worried for the people who have to use the bridge, only to find couples getting, er… amorous up there.

  1. Mister Mister

    Morons, morons everywhere.

    Although it could be just a convenient place for all the bike thieves to stash the bike locks from stolen bikes on their way to visit their buddies in Cloverhill. You know, a similar way to how fighter pilots put pictures to signify the number of planes they shot down, this is an indication of the number of bikes stolen.

  2. David

    Most likely it’s the kids from the school next door to the bridge. They have to cross the bridge to get to the bus stop. And they all have locks for their school lockers.

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