Luke Brennan of Irish-based ‘power supply finder’ writes:

“We couldn’t be the only Irish company wound up about Kickstarter [crowd funding behemoth] launching in Ireland. A year of work has gone into getting it ready, just putting the finishing touches to our video on Sandymount Strand yesterday….”



Kickstarter in ireland (Kickstarter Blog)

6 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Matt

    Wound up? Presumably he was working on a Kickstarter competitor? Otherwise we have some egregious slang misuse going on.

  2. Gers

    Fantastic idea! Now for the critics: the site is so not user friendly, its a mess to put it gently. Also, my very first search on a Yamaha Keyboard PSU tells me there is 1 result but I can never see it. A lot more work to do imo to get that off the ground. Certainly can see a great use of this once its all up and running correctly.

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