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  1. Ultach

    Yeah, it’s not a great translation. “It’s not an arrow on the right that is in place” would be closer, but in saying that the original Irish is fairly ropey. Could be improved with “atá” after “Dheis”. Curious use of capitals as well. Or perhaps the original should have “Níl” at the start instead of “Ní”, in which case the translation should be “An arrow on the right is not in place”. In both instances “i bhfeidhm” could also be translated as “functioning”, “in operation”, “applied” etc.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    So much nonsense….
    Sign is on wrong side of the road for starters for the oncoming traffic to read it.
    The Irish is all over the shop (thanks Ultach).
    It’s far too wordy for a driver to safely read from the other side of the road.
    And it is written in a confusing manner – is it the filter light or no right turn sign….

    Muppets! :)

  3. Mister Mister

    Isn’t the point that there should be in fact an Arrow indicating no right turn ? It’s like someone wrote in the specs that a no right turn arrow should go here.

    The issue is not it’s wordiness.

    1. smoothlikemurphys


      The sign is there to alert people that, at the times stated, the right turn filter arrow is not in operation, so don’t be sitting there waiting for it to appear for you to turn right.

      1. Ultach

        “not in operation” would certainly be clearer. “At these times” would be clearer still, but words have to be kept to a minimum.

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