Pick My Pumpkins



Pumpkin patch  at ‘Alright Pumpkin’ in Co Meath

Too soon?

Tom ‘Dylan’ Dillon, who runs the social media operation at the ‘sheet (leaving him enough time to be a full-time farmer, raise a large family and compete at slow chess) is diversifying his crop.

Known for his hay bale sculpting [teddy bears, trains, etc] Tom is betting everything on orange.

He writes:

“It’s the 19th of September and I know what you are all thinking, Halloween is just around the corner and you have nothing ready. Where are you, your family and your friends going to enjoy some wholesome fun this Halloween?

Or source large orange decorative vegetables to adorn your home? Allowing you a chance to impress your friends and neighbours with your elegant carving….

Do not fret.

Let ‘Alright Pumpkin’ help you…

Visit our Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch in Co Meath which has lots of things for kids to do or alternatively, pick your pumpkin from our Dublin venue. We are open from early October but you can book a pumpkin size now.  All the details are on our Facebook page [link below]and on our tumblr….”

Pumpin’ idea or grotesque US-imported ‘ween intensive farming caper?

Only YOU can decide.

Alright Pumpkin (Facebook)

7 thoughts on “Pick My Pumpkins

  1. meh.

    I once went to a pumpkin farm in the US where they had approx. 100 billion pumpkins of every shape (round) and size.
    One of the many attractions was a hydraulic cannon for shooting small, melon sized pumpkins at a range which had cars and vans as targets. It was the best!
    Set one of those up and I’ll be there all autumn.

    1. Caroline

      Exactly. At the Virginia Pumpkin Festival they hoist up a giant pumpkin and drop it on car. No faffing around with face painting or arts and crafts blah blah. The potential of the humble pumpkin for violence and mayhem needs to be fully exploited.

  2. Conor

    “Homer, you knuckle-beak…. I told you a hundred times, you’ve got to sell your pumpkin futures before Hallowe’en. BEFORE!!!”

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Nice business. The Aussies do so much more with their squash and pumpkin than what we do and it’s great with feta or in a risotto. I’d strongly recommend getting some recipes up on your site to promote the pumpkin-picking.

  4. Frenchfarmer

    Fire them from a cannon if it pleases you but Halloween lanterns are made from big purple turnips.

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