14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Dalston

  1. selfie Sensation

    They don’t look like hipsters, they look more like tourers, viz sensible dress, stout hiking boots and helmets. In fairness lots of tourers are a bit weird but I think they prefer the term “eccentric” as opposed to “quirky”.

    I think this post is just another example of how anything non mainstream or unusual is just immediately blamed as “damn hipsters” without any understanding about hipsters or what is being blamed on them.

          1. Selfie Sensation

            My point entirely!

            Well not really but still a good one. Actually my point was that more often these days any sort of affectation or eccentricity can lead to somebody being called a hipster when infact they are not hipsters at all or so far down the hipster scale as to be incomparable to actual hipsters.

  2. Pablo

    Saw a hipster couple on a normal bicycle the other day – she sitting on his lap facing him as he pedalled. I think they believed they were the stars of a kitsch 1960s Hollywood romcom.

      1. Pablo

        If you want to be judgemental about it, it was more a case of two dickheads showing off and nearly causing an accident.

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