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CCTV images, released by the gardaí, of the man who allegedly stabbed Dublin footballer Jonny Cooper on Dorset Street, Dublin on Saturday at 5.45am.

CCTV image shows man who stabbed footballer Jonny Cooper (Irish Times)

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62 thoughts on “Recognise Him?

        1. Hank

          On the video, you can see this guy circle back and then attack the victim before leaving the scene.
          So yes, it was him who stabbed Jonny..

          1. Zynks

            Why would there be no need for a trial if the video clearly shows that this guy did stab the other? The purpose of the trial is to establish if, and which, crime was committed in the process of the stabbing.

      1. Llareggub

        Agree, but it needs to be proven before you can say for sure. By omission of the word ‘allegedly’, IT insinuate he’s guilty without trial.

        1. ReproBertie

          This is the unidentified man that stabbed Johnny Cooper. It is a still taken from the CCTV footage which goes on to show him in the act of stabbing. At the moment the scumbag has not been identified so there is no need for legal tiptoeing. Were they naming him then the allegedly comes into play.

          Of course if he wants to come forward and sue the Irish Times then I’m sure the gardaí would be only too happy to help him.

          1. Llareggub

            Well if you’ve seen both pieces of footage and you’re certain it’s the same guy well that’s fine. If you haven’t and you’re not sure, then the assailant still needs to be referred to as alleged.

          2. well

            You’re correct Llareggub he might have disappeared and been replaced by his identical twin brother between frames.

          3. grammarnazi

            Llareggub you don’t have to have seen the footage. we’re allowed to place sufficient trust in IT to report the facts. generally that’s what happens when we read newspapers and watch the news…so we don’t have to go out and independently verify every little detail. ‘Allegedly’ also does not need to feature in the headline.

          4. ReproBertie

            You’re happy to condemn someone for having an envelope with their name on it appear on CBS news report but when the IT publish a garda released CCTV image of a man involved in a stabbing you leap to defend his innocence.

            Do you recognise him?

          5. Llareggub

            Rest assured Bertie, if I recognised him I would be onto the confidential hotline. I am not leaping to defend him. This is a horrible crime and ninety percent of the commenters on here have joked about this man’s identity – that’s just hideous in my opinion. I made the point that the Irish Times should have used the word alleged in their headline.

          6. Odis

            **** it Llareggub – just grass him up to the guards. We can worry about the niceties after.
            I would add I find your defense of this person, suspicious in its own right.

        1. Llareggub

          Suspicious? Wow a bit of a leap there Odious. I make a point about the omission of a word in the IT headline and now I’ve got the guy hidden in my attic! Nice work and well done you. Let’s hope you never get called for jury service. Please demonstrate where I defended the man in the still.

    1. ReproBertie

      Yes. Celebrities are better than us and the gardaí have never previously released footage or stills from CCTV in an attempt to solve crime.

        1. ReproBertie

          You mean the gardaí have a monthly television programme which heavily features CCTV footage and photo fits and is dedicated to enlisting the public’s health in solving crimes where the victims were not celebrities?

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Any time I’ve watched it they did. I don’t believe they are doing anything unusual here by issuing the CCTV evidence, nor giving this case any special treatment because the victim is a footballer (hardly a ‘celebrity’).

  1. Alan

    It was a very serious attack and people here seem to be playing a game of what celebrity the attacker looks like. Have a bit of cop on and don’t be so insensitive. Lad was stabbed 9 times by this scum bag.

    1. stopthelights

      In fairness, I’d imagine everyone posting here is just as appalled as you are about what happened. And I’m sure everyone really hopes this c*&t is caught and severely punished. Is suggesting that the scumbag looks like various famous people really insensitive though? Does it make the ordeal all the more difficult for the victim? I doubt it.

      1. Llareggub

        Why should Alan feck off? He made a valid point. Is it because he’s not a regular here that you pick on him this way? His opinion is as valid as yours.

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