They Were Among Us



Yesterday around Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.

Photographer Louis Zúñiga (above right) writes:

“On set for U2’s latest photo-shoot in Dublin for Rolling Stone magazine. Inspired by Bono & crew today…”

Adam’s hair anyone?

Meanwhile, later…


Ireland’s greatest export and Bono last night.

Via Andy Gibson

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37 thoughts on “They Were Among Us

  1. Davey T

    Do Rolling Stone have a choice in this, or are U2 just going to do a U2 and force themselves onto it (by the sheer power of marketing, and em, world peace)

  2. Sidewinder

    Does the *were* in that headline refer to the fact that they’re no longer among the Irish tax payers?

    1. DaveM

      The u2 tax rubbish just goes to prove what a bunch of two faced,hypocrites we Irish are.Who in the world wants to pay tax?Why would any corporation pay more when they can pay less elsewhere?Google,Apple,pharma.companys,etc,etc.I am not defending u2 but cop on,Who wants to PAY TAX??????????????????????????????

      1. mauriac

        they benefit from tax cuts for years and trade on their irishness ,dodge taxTHEN lecture Ireland on foreign aid rates.

        1. DaveM

          Hilarious Mauriac, trading on their Irishness.Hilarious.Stop trying to cloak your naive self righteousness in armchair socialism.You have never tried to run a business in this country.Maybe you should send an email on your new IPHONE from the canteen in GOOGLE to your daddy and ask him why he pays such high accountancy fees.I am fairly sure it is not because he enjoys paying tax.Foreign aid me arse,keep on point.

  3. John Smith

    Begrudgers begrudge

    end of the day U2 are the best rock band (or in the top 5) to have ever come out of this country

      1. rotide


        Do you have fillings? Do you like to wear nice clothes?

        Hammer him for the shite he talks all you want but having a go at him because he has the gall to do something about his baldness is petty.

  4. Tom Stewart

    U2 were bloody fantastic in the 80s and 90s. Amazing. But they’re irritating now because:

    – they are DECADES past their best and continually foist their new output upon us (in the case of another aging band, “foist” would be an exaggeration, but their new album appeared overnight in millions of people’s music libraries) which people will continue to listen to instead of other more deserving artists
    – they have COMPLETELY sold out the anti-establishment ethos of rock music (high-fiving the CEO of one of the biggest corporations in the world recently while appearing at the release of the iPhone 6)
    – they have arguably sold out their nationalities, by paying their tax elsewhere
    – their primary objective these days seems to be making more sweet green. I’m constantly hearing about their investments, their hotels, etc. Also, the aforementioned tax and CEO scenarios.

    I’m not a begrudger: I’m hugely proud when other Irish bands do well internationally, but do not do the crap above.

    1. Mr. T.

      You still be called a begrudger (The irish for one who criticizes someone successful regardless of the reason).

  5. Kieran NYC

    I hafta say I’ve always thought the lead-in/walk-around the Guinness factory on the way to the Storehouse looks like an awful kip. I realise it’s a working factory, but it doesn’t need to look like an industrial wasteland. Quite off-putting to tourists.

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