This Is No Dancing Matter



“I understand why you’re a little bit subdued today, I understand why you’re a little bit subdued today, because you’ve opened a political movement on the backs of misery and failure in the economy. But the country isn’t failing, the country is growing again and it’s growing very strongly. Now I’ve noticed, I‘ve noticed in this morning’s paper you’ve stated you have another red line issue. First you’re going to abolish property tax, now you’re going to abolish water charges and these are red line issues. Nobody is rushing to join you in government. Putting down a red line issue, it’s like an oul’ fellow walking up and down the boundaries of the Ballroom of Romance saying that he won’t dance with any of those women over there. Nobody wants, nobody wants to dance with him. Nobody wants to dance with him, that’s the position. So red lines, red lines, red lines, you’re joking me.”

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan drawing a wistful analogy for Deputy Pádraig Mac Lochlainn in the Dáil this afternoon.

Isn’t it well for them?

Ballroom of Romance?

Thanks Tequila Mockingbird

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42 thoughts on “This Is No Dancing Matter

  1. Drogg

    They are such an embarrassment they are getting as bad as the English Houses of Parliament. Oh and to answer minister noonans question if our public services weren’t run so badly with to many needless administrators and chancer consultants that we throw millions at a year we could cut back on things like charging people for water in a country that it rains all the time.

  2. WOD

    Ah in fairness, the lad has a point, and he made quite a decent, witty, albeit dated, analogy… The Shinners would have the place rightly f€cked again quicker than even the FFers could do it.

    1. realPolithicks

      Nobody could do any worse than these guys have done for the last 100 years. Of course if your happy to accept boom and bust economical cycles and the emigration of a large portion of the countries population every generation, then fire away.

  3. Mr. T.

    Noonan has a very inflated opinion of himself and loves nothing more than to remind us all of how many big wigs he knows and has lunch with in Europe.

    He’s Fine Gael ground zero. Money money money for the few at all costs.

      1. Mr. T.

        He’s good at doing what the banks tell him to do. He’s nothing more than a pawn in international merchant banking.

        He’s simply starstruck by all the people he rubs shoulders with. It’s so obvious from his interviews.

        And of course nobody else will go into Government with SF because they represent the only alternative to the status quo of choreographed ‘opposition’ politics in this country since 1922.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    I listened to this in the car radio this evening and hollered; knew it would be here.
    While I absolutely love the Noonan metaphors, I would prefer them from a mate I’m having a drink with and not my non-elected but delegated Minister for Finance. Wool, eyes etc.

  5. Owen O'F

    If you give 100 people earning 100 euro a tenner, the overall growth rate is 10%. Give one of them a grand and feck the rest of them, and the overall growth rate is still 10%.

    I suspect our ‘strongly growing economy’ is more a case of the latter. Anyone get a pay rise lately, unless you’re a landlord?

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