Do You Do Men?




A tyke trembles at the door of the ‘controversial’  salon of shame this afternoon.

Paul writes:

“So this (above) just opened at the junction of Summerhill and Ballybough, Dublin 100 meters from where said sisters dumped the headless body while eating breakfast rolls and taking yokes with their Ma…”


“Miriam Murphy says she chose the name without knowing about the salon’s proximity to the murder scene.She said: “Me and my sister are both hair dressers, so we used the name for that reason. “I wasn’t aware at the beginning when I had made the name, to be honest, but then I was told but I’m keeping the name anyway.”

‘Scissor Sisters’ hair salon slammed for making light of Dublin murder (BreakingNews)

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37 thoughts on “Do You Do Men?

  1. DaveM

    So what? PC,conservative rubbish.The name was ripped from a band by red top rags to label some murderers.Its the band that should have had something to say.

    1. munkifisht

      actually the name is ripped from a sexual act between two women where they straddle each other using their…. well, use your imagination.

      1. Mister Mister

        There’s a Scissor Sister hairdressers out by Blanchardstown the last couple of years. Run by sisters appropriately enough.

    1. Rob

      “Just sayin” is the internet term I find more annoying than any other.

      I’m not sure if it is the words themselves or the fact that they usually follow words that would only be uttered by a d1ckhead.

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