What’s The Plucking Difference?



Two flags.

Two types of harp.

But what is the real difference?


Lines MUST close at 10.45am

UPDATE: Top is is the flag of the President of Ireland and below is the flag of the Kingdom of Ireland 1541-1801. FIGHT!

Thanks Louis Le Fronde

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24 thoughts on “What’s The Plucking Difference?

  1. banned of censored

    The second one is yellow and has a person on it but the first one is kind of an orangey colour and doesn’t have a person on it, also the strings go in diffferent directions

  2. Tim

    First is the gold harp with silver strings on a blue background, aka the Presidential standard/flag.
    Second is the Royal standard for the Kingdom of Ireland, now ot be found in a quadrant of the UK Royal Standard.

  3. Peadar

    The top one is the Irish harp, uncrowned. It’s the Irish presidential seal and the emblem of Ireland.
    The one underneath is the Royal Harp Badge of Ireland, and makes up one canton of the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom.

  4. Ferret McGruber

    The brown one is vaguely designed to be played. The other one would cut the fingers off ya in a hearbeat. Probably one is for angels and the other for little divils.

  5. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I would like to see the harp on the Irish flag, to symbolise our musicality and to make it more different to the Italian flag.

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