Blackrock, Co Dublin at 11.25pm.

Ann O’Hara writes:

“Six or seven coming through Blackrock tonight…Moving a lot faster than the Guinness tanks but still huge and with a big escort. Didn’t catch any names on them…”





Outside Slattery’s, Pembroke Road, Dublin.

Thanks David Carter

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23 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. Fancy Dan

    There was an extra large load due to go down to Intel in Leixlip. Not sure why it might be going through Blackrock though.

  2. Brendan

    I saw them when cycling home tonight. A Garda diverting traffic around Booterstown shouted across the road to me, “There’s a big fu*k-off convoy coming this way but sure keep in, you’ll be grand.” One of the silos had “HOLVRIEKA CIMP ENRIC” printed on the side.

  3. WOD

    Love the way when the first post is obviously the right answer a few poindexters ignore it and post the same answer anyway, like they’re first with the news.

    1. Odis

      The first poster may well have been incorrect. It does happen (even on the Internet nowadays). Subsequent posters help confirm the case.

  4. Mani

    ‘Mrs O’Callaghan, your pleasure consignment has arrived’

    MOC: ‘Wonderful. Decant 5 litres of merlot, Andre and draw me a bath’

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