Naomhógs Called Dignity




Traditional Irish sea-going craft.

Made by volunteer hand in Dublin.

Anita writes:

“In May 2013 Broadsheet featured a piece about a new Curach Club in East Wall, Dublin 3. Our club name is Cumann Curach Atha Cliath. Well the club has gone from strength to strength and we have now added two naomhógs (Kerry style curach) to our fleet (all made by vounteers!
We are having the official launch of the two new naomhógs this Saturday 27th at 1pm at East Wall Water Sports Centre, just off the Alfie Byrne Rd., Dublin 3 and would love your readers to join us. Thank you.”

Naómhogs Launch (Facebook)

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7 thoughts on “Naomhógs Called Dignity

  1. Anita

    The East Wall Water Sports Centre fleet of boats will be available to all to try out on the day: currachs,naonhogs,skiffs,kayaks & canoes! Everybody welcome from absolute beginners to pros! Bring your friends!

  2. Spartacus

    This is excellent. It warms the heart to see people doing such worthwhile things. If I had a hat, I’d raise it to you!

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