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Phil Hogan

You may recall how Independent MEP Nessa Childers wrote to all the members of the Social Democrats group – 191 members – of the European Parliament, in which she said she had “serious reservations” about Mr Hogan getting the EU Commissioner post.

Ms Childers specifically wrote about how Mr Hogan, as Environment Minister, had written to some of his constituents in Kilkenny, telling them a Traveller family – Patrick and Brigid Carthy and their seven children – would not be moved to a house near them.

During an interview on September 10, Mr Hogan told RTÉ Ms Childers assertions were ‘absolute rubbish’ and suggested they may be dealt with in the courts.

Mr Hogan is set to go before the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture to be questioned about his suitability to become the next Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Further to this, RTÉ reports:

“Mr Hogan’s solicitors have threatened legal action against Ms Childers if she did not withdraw her allegations within five days, and challenging her claim that as an MEP she enjoyed parliamentary privilege.”

“Last night in a letter, seen by RTÉ News, Ms Childers wrote to the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European parliament requesting that the chairman reassure MEPs that they can, quote, discharge their duties of scrutiny without hindrance or fear of legal retaliation.”

Hogan threatens legal action against MEP Nessa Childers (RTÉ)

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25 thoughts on “Big Phil’s Legal Letters

  1. Spartacus

    Tread carefully, Philip. You’re mixing with grown-ups now and they’ll uncover your lies just like mammy used to.

  2. Delacaravanio

    I don’t know what he’s planning to sue her for. He’s not disputing that he wrote the letter, so one can only imagine that it’s because she calls him a racist for writing it.

    Best of luck trying to convince a jury that singling out a group of people based on their ethnicity isn’t racist, Phil. Dope.

    1. Cartin Mollins

      I see you‘ve swallowed their line whole, like a good compliant citizen. Travellers are not a race, they’re an ethnicity, a spurious and ill defined one at that. Doing all they can to get reclassified as a race, though.

      1. Delacaravanio

        And what does that have to do with anything? Are you suggesting that travellers don’t suffer discrimination? Are you saying that Hogan wasn’t prejudiced against them by singling them out?

      2. Nigel

        That’s not an argument, that’s a badly-hobbled semantic trick. They may not be a race, but it is racist to discriminate against them as a group based on their ethnicity. Now run along and lie down and have a good long think about whether Jewsishness is a race or a religion.

      1. Mark Dennehy

        Anthropologists say yes.
        Some people say no, but with about as much weight behind their opinions as there is weight behind the opinion of a Koch-brothers-sponsored Republican Senator on climate change…

  3. Mr. T.

    The Irish way – Threaten people with court action to keep them quiet, despite whether the allegation is true or not. In most cases, it is true.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      Is that particularly Irish? It’s very common in the UK, where they have similarly restrictive libel laws. I don’t know much about Turkey or [insert any number of countries here], but I’m sure the tactic has occurred to lots of powerful people who don’t smell of Bord na Mona briquettes.

  4. Outta me Bento Box

    Says a lot about a country when a Minister can draw such ire from so called progressives for bringing in
    1) Water Charges that are in every other country
    2) Septic Tank inspection regime to stop water becoming polluted with excrement

    I know you’ll all say it’s not about the above but lets face it, this is why “Big Phil” draws such ire from bizarrely diverse crowd. What else do Ming and Broadsheet have in common apart from the “Someone else should pay, I want my free stuff” mantra

    1. Nigel

      There is no way you can separate either of those things from the context of… everything else and make an honest point.

      1. Mark Dennehy

        Not only is there a name for it, if you’re in California, there’s a law against it…
        (There a law in 27 of the other US states as well, but California’s is the most extensive. Canada’s tried bringing in anti-SLAPP laws too, but they’ve not managed it yet…)

  5. Louis Lefronde

    Phil Hogan…

    God gave him a mouth but not intelligence.

    He will join the august ranks of 2nd rate Irish politicians and will inevitably trip up… over his own ego…

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