Heralding The Sellers


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A trailer for Bloody Good Headline.

Tom Burke writes:

“Areaman Productions and Paul Quinn have made a short documentary about the men (mostly) who sell ‘The Herald’ in traffic around Dublin city. It will screen this Saturday at the IFI at 5pm as part of the Stranger Than Fiction Festival. Though filmed on the streets of the capital, there is no English spoken in the film: our subjects are variously from Poland, Venezuela, Brazil, Malaysia. It is not an easy job and is not very well paid. Our short film aims to give voice to these people who everybody sees but nobody ever hears from…”

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8 thoughts on “Heralding The Sellers

  1. gallantman

    Hope he realises that lot of the ugly faces he sees are a result of the ugly salacious headline he is holding up.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Motorists stopped at traffic lights, usually with preoccupied minds, can’t exactly be held to blame for not smiling! Isn’t this a tad self-pitying? I can only go on the trailer.

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