ISPCA write:

“We are  appealing for information in relation to a Terrier puppy found wandering on the Dublin Road in Portlaoise on the morning on 17 September 2014.
The dog, now named Missy, was discovered by a good Samaritan…a tight chord had been tied around her tail as a form of tourniquet and the tail then cut off. The area under the base of the tail had swelled up due to the trauma inflicted…”


If you recognise Missy please contact the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515.

Barbaric act of cruelty on vulnerable puppy (Ispcc)

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15 thoughts on “Missy’s Tail

  1. Drogg

    Is it just me or does a high proportion of these horrible things happening to doggies seem to happen in Portlaoise?

  2. Janet

    ignorant scum … home operating on a dog way to old for the practice in the first place and then just abandoned when they realise the fupped up , hope the rest of the litter is in better nick

      1. Janet

        Sorry clampers. . I ment too old for archaic docking and puppies usually come in litters .. :) outraged owner of two rescue dogs so a subject close to home

  3. pissedasanewt

    Is it my imagination or are there some particular gruesome stories in the papers of late? shocking the story in the Indo today about a guy torturing his house mates dog and just €100 fine. He should have his leg broken and held in a stockade in a public place where passers by should be allowed to kick him in the leg.. it might act as a deterrent.

      1. Pablo

        No it isn’t. Scum like that don’t give a s***e what others think of them. Otherwise they wouldn’t be scum.

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