The Ghost Fourth Estate


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Seamus Dooley, of the National Union of Journalists

Roy Greensalde, in The Guardian, writes:

The Irish secretary of the National Union of Journalists, Seamus Dooley, has called for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the future of Ireland’s media.

He said the commission should examine all aspects of the country’s media policy, including ownership, commercial and editorial control, employment standards, training as well as cross-ownership.

He said the failure to deal with media dominance in Ireland by a small group was having “grave consequences” on employment standards in the national and regional newspaper sectors.

Dooley will surely have in mind the dominance of the media company CommuniCorp, which is run by Ireland’s richest man, Denis O’Brien.

Ireland’s NUJ chief calls for commission of inquiry into media (Roy Greenslade, The Guardian)

Meanwhile: Editors and media executives may face banking inquiry (Irish Times)

 (Photocall Ireland)

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8 thoughts on “The Ghost Fourth Estate

  1. Limey Tank

    I’d say RTE is going to have great coverage of this…what with being the state broadcaster and all, with a mandate to provide decent coverage of news of this sort.

  2. Maxi

    Too little too late

    Dooley should have been hammering on about this years ago rather than looking after the interests of the auld lads on the papers with their pensions to protect. Lot of good that did him in the end. NUJ is a joke of an organisation these days

  3. LaRouge

    Of course Mr. Dooley would like that the NUJ’s role in influencing public opinion be also investigated, no?

    Many would be surprised to hear that the NUJ’s official view is in favour of abortion.

    I think no matter your view on abortion, it’s bizarre that a profession whose job description literally requires them to NOT take sides is taking sides.

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