28 thoughts on “There’s Increasingly One

    1. Tom Stewart

      Because what ever happened to asking someone to take your photo? Are we so scared of each other now that selfie sticks are necessary?

      1. Sheila

        I took plenty of photos of myself with my arm stuck out. Or with the timer. And this was way before the the term selfie was coined. Why? Cos I had to, travelling alone at times.

        I also asked people to take photos of me, when it was possible.

        Otherwise my some of travel pics would be devoid of me.

        I think my family are glad

  1. Grouse

    I saw quite a few of these being used by tourists in Kerry this summer, taking photos of themselves at scenic spots.

    Also saw one lad with one at a wedding afters.

  2. mauriac

    a new terror for pedestrians is the skateboarder hurtling towards you while smiling inanely into his gopro on a stick

  3. WillChangeThisLater

    So let me get this right…
    – Using a selfie stick to take a photo = bad
    – Taking a photo of a stranger and uploading it to the internet so that everyone can sneer at them = good?

  4. CiarĂ¡n

    Personally speaking, when I go on travelling I like to take photos of the things I see, not of myself.

    I see myself at home all the time.

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