8 thoughts on “Brain Drain And Brain Gain

  1. Tom Stewart

    Wowie zowie. So, Ireland actually gets more migrant professionals than it loses to emigration. In the Irish context, the brain drain is a myth therefore? This must surely be an oversimplification.

    Especially if you look exclusively at certain professions, e.g. speech and language therapy.

    1. Lan

      Look at the period, “Since 2003” a far more accurate graph to represent the brain drain would be say from 2008

  2. Louis Lefronde

    So Ireland marginally attracted more brains than it lost.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a mechanism for exporting idiots yet…

    But if one did exist we could start with Dail Eireann, and export our idiots from there to… Russia – in which case the IQ of both countries would increase….

    1. scottser

      unfortunately for both ourselves and the brains we gain, we employ them making sandwiches and serving coffee, taking hotel bookings etc.

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