Tending The Flag



BBC Newsline’s Mark Simpson reports from Holywood, Co. Down on the latest fleg controversy.

Police were called to investigate a complaint about a European flag flying in Rory McIlroy’s home town in County Down during the Ryder Cup.

It was flown at a house in Holywood where a Ryder Cup party was held.

The owner of the house was stunned when two police officers arrived at his door on Sunday morning.

In a post on Facebook, he said that the person who complained thought it was an Arabic flag.

Police called as Rory McIlroy flag raises Holywood hackles (Mark Simpson, BBC News NI)

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34 thoughts on “Tending The Flag

  1. nottoputtoofineapointonit

    long may the Kingdom remain united
    we have enough eejits to deal with without adding 6 more counties worth of muppets

    1. Casey

      although so as not to prove yourself an auld xenophone you would agree that this is the few getting the many a bad name shurely?

  2. Delacaravanio

    The real muppets here are the police. Spot the difference:

    • It’s not an offence to fly a flag from private property whether it’s Arabic, Afrikaans, or Armenian, but the PSNI come knocking

    • Marching season every year sees Irish flags burnt in public as a deliberate act of provocation, but the PSNI do nothing

    1. Odis

      >“but the PSNI come knocking

      That’s their job, not their fault. They have a duty to investigate every complaint.

      1. BluBlu

        Investigate every complaint? So if I called them and complained that your clothes were clashing would they have to go to your house to “investigate”?

    2. munkifisht

      They’re supposed to keep the peace and in a place as totally f***ed up as Northern Ireland that means picking your battles.

  3. Vbomb

    Northern Ireland. Best culture in the world…said nobody ever.

    You can have it.

    As for this, “some sort of Arabic flag” thing, sums up that open-sewer of a “country”

    1. Candy Devine's Dingle Berries

      In fairness, the northern statelet is a Gerrymander on the basis of a sectarian head-count, designed to preserve anti-Irish, anti-democratic, supremacist politics, so it’s a bit rich for partitionist Free State gobaloons who happiy see their fellow Irish citizens abandoned to it to be all superior n’all.

      1. ahjayzis

        Then move south.
        Agreed Ireland is better without a large minority of these idiots.

        Partitionist isn’t an insult

  4. Tucker Done

    One idiot complained to the police about a flag. Says something about the idiot, nothing about people in northern ireland

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Idiot in that he/she couldn’t identify the flag perhaps. But remember there is a Commission in NI to deal specifically with parades, flags and regalia – and because of the contentious nature of these in the past, the people are highly sensitive. Yeah it’s a ridiculous story but in context maybe not.

  5. Louis Lefronde

    Seriously who gives a damn about flags or anthems for that matter?

    Anyone who gets teary eyed or belligerent over a flag or the national anthem needs their heads examined whether its the Tricolour, the Soldier’s Song, the Union Jack, God Save the Queen and by extension the flag of the EU and Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’.

    These symbols, flags and anthems mean nothing and are the relics of 19th century romanticism and nationalism. Sadly, in the polarised chess-pools of ignorance that exist in ‘Norn Iron’ – the groundswell of hate is never far from the surface. It is and remains a backward society riven with division.

    If you want an honest opinion, I think the Irish tricolour from a design perspective is an ugly flag and a cheap knock off of the French Tricolor. The anthem is dreadful, and when sung in its original English version you have to scratch your head and wonder at the spectacular ignorance of the writer who composed the lines which reads ‘Shall shelter the despot or the slave’.

    And by the way, there is nothing unpatriotic about saying something sucks! To say nothing is worse.

    Frankly, when I see a gang of Sinn Fein thugs waving the Tricolour and shouting Tiochfaidh Ar Lá – it makes me sick in the stomach. They don’t seem any different to a gang of Swastika waving Sturmabteilung Brownshirts. And the Loyalist crowd are no different.

    Just a simple question, do you feel any more or less Irish because a tricolour is flying over a building or the anthem (which is rubbish) is sung at a football match? I suspect most people who think for themselves couldn’t care less.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      You don’t care about flags, but seeing them in certain contexts makes you physically ill? I don’t understand.

    2. ReproBertie

      “you have to scratch your head and wonder at the spectacular ignorance of the writer who composed the lines which reads ‘Shall shelter the despot or the slave’.”

      The preceeding line is “No more our ancient sireland” so the couplet states we’ll not be having anymore despots or slaves here.

  6. squiggleyjoop

    It must be a fascinating sensation to feel genuinely insulted by a flag. I find them mostly docile and breezy.

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