He Wants To Spend More Time With His Abstracts



This just in.

I have informed the Taoiseach that under the circumstances, I am withdrawing my name and asking the Members of the Oireachtas not to vote for me in the upcoming Seanad bye-election. I would like to thank the many members of the Oireachtas who already expressed their support for me.
I am taking this decision because I believe that to contest the election would be an ongoing distraction from the critical work of Government which is to secure Ireland’s recovery through job creation and increased investment. I believe the Government’s economic plan is working and the country is now moving in the right direction. This is what all members of Government should be focussed on at all times.
It was my hope, if elected, to support the Government’s work in this regard as a member of the Oireachtas and now it is my intention to seek a Party nomination to contest the next General Election.

A statement from Imposed FG senatorial nominee – and briefly IMMA board member – John McNulty (top with Enda Kenny) this afternoon.

John McNulty dramatically pulls out of Seanad by-election racee (Irish Independent) 

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12 thoughts on “He Wants To Spend More Time With His Abstracts

    1. Norbet Cooper

      He might be a good man, he might have a wonderful appreciation of modern art, don’t blame the media, blame shameful endemic political cronyism.

    2. martco

      shocking indeed….calling out the village idiot we’ve somehow allowed in the driving seat of this country….time and time again

      I never thought we’d get a better clown than Cowen but I was in error

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