Coffey Mourning



Enda Kenny with Paudie Coffey during the 2011 General Election campaign

Paudie Coffey: “I think he has done the right thing to avoid any confusion because I think because I think the integrity of Irish Water and the directorships and that must be kept intact. He is now a civilian again and he is remaining as my driver and that’s the way it is, so I’d like to leave it at that.”

Newstalk: “Did you know he was a director of Irish Water?”

Coffey: “Yes I did, I did, so we’ll leave it at that… No I didn’t understand exactly the conflict of interest.”

Junior Environment Minister Paudie Coffey to Newstalk on the resignation of his chauffeur Hilary Quinlan as a director of Irish Water.

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Pic: Fine Gael

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13 thoughts on “Coffey Mourning

    1. Mulch

      Yeah, but sure that’s how is works. Shysters in power put stool pigeons like this gombeen in positions of power so they’ll do what they are fecking told. Then when shit hits the fan, thicko takes the blame. They get dropped, shyster replaces thicko with another thicko and the cycle repeats.
      Irish politics; where intelligence and common sense is for suckers.

  1. huppenstop

    The magic words have been spoken: “let’s just leave it at that”. No further questioning!

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      I think an elected official should lose their seat as soon as they say “let’s leave it at that”.

  2. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    I’d say the lads, Paudi and Hillery, were a handy pair t’have in your hand when lobbing in a planning application

    1. martco

      ah now careful there!
      you’re hardly suggesting there’d be any notion of brown coloured A4 envelopes changing hands there now would you?

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