19 thoughts on “Mystic Meh

  1. Amadan

    “Hi, is that Patrick Arundel? Great, hi Pat . . . yeah, fine thanks. Listen, the editor would like you drop in for a chat this morning . . . no, could you . . . why don’t you ring the dentist and see if they can change that . . . yeah, before 10. What? No, I really don’t know why, he said you’d probably already know, being an astrologer and . . . no I wasn’t trying to be funny, ok see you in a while”



  2. Grimes

    I saw they somehow over printed a KBC ad onto a Le Bon Crubeen ad the other day too, someones definitely getting a talking to in pre-press.

  3. Exile

    “So it doesn’t look too repetitive repetitive repetitive..”

    **Insert witty comment here**

  4. dylad

    This is a swathe of dummy text that can be used to indicate a smartarse comment. It is 33 words long and visually looks like it was written by an actual c*%t c$%t c^&t.

  5. James Heron

    Someone already got a bollicking from their boss over this. seeing it on Broadsheet might be the difference between getting a bollicking and getting the sack.

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