*drops Jägermeister*

The first Topflight/Copper Face Jacks ski trip to Andorra.

PT writes:

“This is a staggering culture clash. What are they THINKING? I’m almost tempted to go….”

Copper Face Jacks Ski Trip (Topflight)

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15 thoughts on “Snow Way?

    1. Neilo

      Really? The OI OI Lads demographic must be minted, so. It can be an eye-wateringly expensive holiday and most resorts are so quiet, the neds would die of boredom.

  1. andydufresne2012

    You can almost hear TV3 zipping up their camera bags and sound gear as we speak

    “Sex on The Slopes”
    “Coppers on the Piste”
    “Skis and Sleaze”

    I’m tired

    1. munkifisht

      I’ve been to Andorra, the place is built for this kind of thing. It’s renownnd for being where the all year reps go for the winter season. It’s like all the worst bits of Ibiza in the snow.

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