24 thoughts on “Uncertain Future

  1. Matt

    I love this band, the album is great, and their performances are always entertaining. He really shows emotion when doing this song, something that made me appreciate them all the more.

    1. munkifisht

      Without doubt my favorite band of the moment. Seen em three times (once for the first album, twice this year) and they we unfailing in being entertaining. Gerrit Welmers is one of the best front men of all time with his mad ass crab dancing lunacy and breaks into death metal singing.

  2. Gene C

    I was a bit disappointed he didn’t do that move where he wiped his bum and had a smell of his fingers like he did on Letterman. But then he redeemed himself with that sexy shuffle at the end. Lypton Village revisited.

  3. Provingground

    The bastard son of Marlon Brando and Freddie Mercury.

    Love that guy, I’ll take all you got!

  4. Kevin

    Well I can’t get through a performance without cringing. It’s all a bit David Brent for me.

  5. Mick

    Never heard of them before seeing this post, just booked tickets to one of their gigs coming up. Those moves, THOSE MOVES!!!!!

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